Low Cost Energy Technologies & Solutions for Homes

By admin
Nov 3rd, 2013

Though most technology gadgets are purchased once and do not require monthly installments, they can use a lot of money in terms of maintenance. Factor such as electricity and insurance come into play when considering how to cut the extra costs that come with maintaining such gadgets that are mostly applicable at home. However, there are various ways to reduce the annual expenses and technology devices play a major role in such tasks.

Monthly electricity bill can be quite expensive depending on the volts of consumption used in a home. The rate of consumption tends to be high in places where there are more technological gadgets that tend to use a lot of consumption than usual thus increasing the electricity bill. However, as much as technology devices can increase the cost of electricity consumption, there are other gadgets that can be used to decrease the electricity bill significantly. An example of such gadget includes an Electricity Usage Monitor which can be used to record data on how much units of energy is used in one’s home. It therefore helps a person to know which gadget is consuming the highest rate of energy thus enabling one to reduce the cost. High tech thermostats can also be very efficient in the cost of energy used. A high tech thermostat is programmed to automatically regulate the surrounding home temperature therefore reducing the average consumption of energy. The gadget uses the principal of analyzing different environment conditions thus acting accordingly, though the homeowner can also control it using an application.

House lighting can also be a major energy consumption source. Alternatives such as switching to energy saving appliances such as LED lighting can help reduce the overall consumption of energy significantly. Recently, there have been developments of applications that can program the home lighting system giving the homeowner privileges such as to dim the lights when he/she is far from home. Other appliances such as power adapters that supply the exact needed power for a gadget to operate can help reduce energy consumption. Installing a low flow shower head not only decreases the cost of water bill by about 60% but it also decreases the electricity consumption by a huge margin since the shower consumes a lot of water and electricity at the same time.

Though insurance can be important as it helps a person to recover a lost or a damaged gadget, it is best for one to save money regardless of getting insured. For instance, the annual insurance cost depends on the original price of purchase whereby one pays the insurance company a small percentage of the buying price per annum. If a camera cost about £200 GBP then the most likely cost of the camera equipment insurance per annum would be £35. Since it is very unlikely that the camera could get lost or damaged, the best way to save money on the instalment is to insure the camera for its half value whereby instead of paying £35 annually, one pays £20. A price comparison application on a Smartphone may come quite in handy in trying to get the best offers on different packages. Not only can it show which place to get the best insurance offer for a camera but it can also show the stores where one can purchase various commodities on amazing discounts.

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