How upgrading your telecommunication systems can save you money.

By admin
May 29th, 2014

Studies have shown that, on average, businesses and other organisations replace their communication systems every seven years or so. However, in a world where technology is changing and evolving at such a fast pace, waiting seven years for an upgrade is too long a wait. Not only will using an outdated phone system hinder your overall productivity and efficiency as a business or organisation, but, as we’ll see below, it can actually end up costing you more money to run. That’s right: believe it or not, upgrading your telecommunication system you can actually save you money in the long run. Here’s how.

Reduced call costs.

Modern phone systems such as those offered by Com2 use VoIP technology to help businesses and other organisations make and receive calls at a fraction of the cost of using regular phone lines and satellites. This technology uses the Internet to send and receive voice and video calls in digital format over large distances, which can end up saving you tons of money – especially if your business or organisation deals with clients all over the world. In fact, it has been found that VoIP systems can save users as much as 70 per cent on their monthly phone call costs. That’s a significant saving, especially if your business or organisation errs on the larger side.

Reduced maintenance costs.

By upgrading to a new telecommunication system you can also save money in reduced maintenance costs. Older phone systems use antiquated hardware that needs regular service in order to run properly. And over time, these maintenance costs can end up costing you and your business or organisation a lot of money (not to mention frustrating disruptions to your communication systems). Not so with the newer systems. They are mostly software based and require minimal hardware; this means you won’t have to replace costly components if your phone system fails. Rather, all that’s needed may be a quick reset or simple reconfiguration. How good is that?

Reduced phone line fees.

Finally, by upgrading your telecommunication system and opting for a VoIP-based system, you can do away with costly phone line rental fees. With VoIP, you can have as many separate phone lines as you like without having to pay through the nose for them. This is particularly advantageous for larger companies who require many different dedicated phone channels. But even smaller companies and organisations can benefit over the long by not having to pay costly phone line rental fees each month.


There are many ways that upgrading your telecommunication system can end up saving you money. Using the Internet to send and receive voice as data is a cheaper alternative than using older phone lines and satellites. And the latest systems are more software based, reducing costly servicing over the long run. Finally, by using VoIP you won’t have to pay for your phone line rental each month, which over the long term can end up saving your business or organisation a significant amount of money.

So what are you waiting for? Upgrade today and never look back!

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