Everything You Need to Know about Recycling Your Phone

By admin
Aug 22nd, 2013

Since grade 1, we have been learning about the 3 R’s of saving the environment i.e. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. When we use the term recycle, usually what comes to our mind is recycling paper, plastic, bags etc. But not a lot people are aware of the fact that you can even recycle your phone.

A new phone is out in the market every six months and when we see such smart phones around, we do tend to purchase them. Almost every one of us has owned at least 2 phones in our lives, and unless there’s an exchange offer, everybody tends to keep the old phone with them, popularly known as the spare phone’. Not a lot of us do realize that these phones can be of much more value than we think and earn you quite some cash!

The most straightforward and effective means to go about the process of recycling is to sell old mobile to an internet based mobile phone recycling firm. There are a number of such companies and all of them offer prices depending on the make and model of your cell as well as its present condition. Something you must know is that newer models go for higher amounts and the value of the old phone increases if it is in working condition and has minimal physical damage. To fetch a good price, it is also very important that your phone has original parts. Once the terms and conditions have been met and agreed upon, these sites deliver a prepaid envelope to you and you’re expected to pop your cell in it and send it back. What next? Just wait for your check to arrive!

However if you are following this method then do remember to follow these set of instructions first:

· Fully charge your phone

· Format your phone

· Reset Factory settings on your phone

· Switch off your phone

· Remove the sim card

Once the phone is in the hand of the company, it goes through some tests to check its working condition and then it is makeover time’ for your precious. If the condition is too bad to be reused then, it is usually broken down and its elements are sold. The credit offered in exchange of the old phone depends on its functioning and features too. In fact even the mode of payment differs from site to site. Some companies pay you cash while others offer vouchers or points to spend in-store.

There are a number of people in underdeveloped and developing countries around the world who can’t afford to buy new handsets. Such recycled phones are the best bet for them. These recycled phones are mostly sent to countries like Pakistan, China etc where the concept of landlines is not as popular.

This way, by selling your old mobile you’re getting some cash and are doing your bit for the environment too! Besides you have nothing to lose! If not anything else, you are at least assured with the fact that your phone has been disposed of safely. This is the best way to get rid of your phone.

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