Things to consider when you’re buying a new office chair

By admin
Oct 22nd, 2013

If you spend a lot of time working with technology, it’s a safe bet that you also spend a lot of time sat down. You’ll need a chair that provides good support to your back and remains comfortable for long stretches of time. Here, we will cover the key factors you should consider when purchasing a chair for your home or work office.

Ergonomic and posture correcting chairs

These types of chairs are excellent for the workaholics who can’t tear themselves away from the computer screen. They’ll provide stable support to your back from a variety of different seating positions. They are also specifically designed to encourage circulation around your thighs and reduce the pressure on your spine caused by sitting.

Viking has a variety of ergonomic and posture-correcting office chairs that are great if you find yourself suffering from regular back pain whilst you sit. Ergonomic chairs allow you to sit with a good posture that requires minimal muscular effort to maintain – the chair does the work for you!

How long do you spend sitting?

Take a moment to add up the amount of time you spend sat in front of a computer screen: that includes work and at home. In a survey carried out by Weight Watchers, it was found that Britons spend more than 20 hours a day sat down.

If you spend any more than four hours of your day sat down, we’d recommend looking for a chair with a variety of adjustable features. These features should be within easy reaching distance while you’re seated and you should also consider if anyone else will be using the same chair.  If this is the case, you’ll need a chair that is easy to adjust to both your heights.

The adjustable features you’ll need

Obviously, one of the most important features you’ll need will be adjustable height control. You should be able to comfortably reach your desk whilst resting your feet flat on the floor.

The backrest of the chair should also be adjustable so that you can maintain a natural spine alignment whilst you’re sitting. Make sure it adequately supports your lower and middle back, without restricting your shoulder movements.

It can also be very beneficial to have a tilt control for your backrest. Reclining to a further back position can help improve your breathing by opening the angle between your body and thighs. When you’ve been staring into the bright glow of your monitor for hours on end, it can be refreshing to change your seating position every few hours.

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