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By admin
Oct 29th, 2013

The world is filled with entrepreneur ideas which are on a desperate lookout for a proper platform to portray their talents. With only marginal opportunities given out to hand picked individuals and an extreme tightrope to walk on, many times the most talented go unnoticed due to the lack of creativity in their presentations or the simple lack of financial backing to these innovative concepts.

Meeting failure at every juncture it can be extremely surprising to see these brilliant ideas disappear before they even get a chance to crack the surface. But coming in as an exception to this partial law of creation, websites like have become one of the best platforms where innovators can have a chance to see their concepts materialize.

Offering a strong platform for both innovator and investors, people can easily share their ideas with others and get some much needed support from people around the world who are more than willing to join in on this beautiful journey of creating something magical.

Young innovators who lack experience and finance can also share their incomplete ideas on this website and get some much needed fine tuning of their concept and they can also meet with people who are more than willing to pick up on truly innovative concepts. MiThought is perhaps one of the best global platform to create that much needed brand buildup, both before and after launch so that these innovations have a solid launching pad for their innovations.

One such innovation from the MiThough shelf which has managed to grab the attention of many people around the world is the Tangle Free earphones, which allows the user to have ready access to their music device without the hassle of untangling their earphones. A big problem that almost anyone and everyone who uses earphones has faced on a daily basis, is how easily their earphones get tangled up no matter how efficiently they have been placed. Appearing like complete witchcraft, it can take the user a long time untangle. Untangling earphones can become quite a handful especially if the user is just about to go for an intense workout or is in a terrible mood, which make the user feel that everything is going against them.


Tangle Free Earphones work in a very simple process. Using a zip cover to excapsulate the cords, the earphone manages to stay tangle free at all times and the best part is that it does not even affect the audio quality in any way. Coming in as one of the best designed and innovate concepts from, these earphones are easy to use and stylish at the same time, Using a simple three step process these earphones can be :

  • Stored any how
  • Used anywhere
  • Produce the best sound quality

And with the proper backing of MiThought they have truly managed to become one of the most successful innovations in a long time. Simple, yet smart, these are the main two thoughts which tagged along with professional security and productive platform, which has led to the creation of the Tange Free Earphones and you too could have a chance to breath some much needed life into your innovation, today.

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