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Jul 1st, 2013

If you’re like me and a big fan of Google Reader then you’re probably saddened about the whole ‘we’re no longer providing this service anymore’ decision Google recently announced.

Not to worry as there have been a ton of candidates lining up, chomping at the bit to replace this amazing and probably one of the most used online services up there with the likes of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. I’ve personally been weaning myself off Google Reader and onto Feedly as they seem to the forerunner and seem to be doing everything they can to create a seamless replacement that’s so far has been really easy to use.

The main reason Google is retiring this service is because, according to them, they want to focus more of their resource into fewer products as they believe this will make for a better overall service. I personally think they should keep Google Reader as I would deem this as been in that group of better user experience giving services.

Well time is ticking and you have until July 1st 2013 to back up your extensive list of RSS feeds and move them over to an alternative service like Feedly. Google have made the backing up really simple and all you need to do to retain your Google Reader subscriptions is to use Google Takeout service which will make backing up this data really easy for importing elsewhere.

Although the service, which launched in 2005, has really helped me with managing multiple resources and keeping things all in one place in a nice easy to use GUI I think that as there so many alternative options, some possibly with more time and resource to develop their own service offering even further than maybe Google can, most people will be happy that Google is making this move and is planning on pouring more of their time into making other areas of their business even better.

So don’t forget to back up your data via Takeout before July 1st 2013 otherwise you WILL be disappointed!

This article was provided by guest writer Greg Racaster who is a regular contributor to

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