3 Great WordPress SEO Plugins for Bloggers on a Budget

By admin
Sep 30th, 2013

WordPress is a celebrated resource for upcoming bloggers, adventurous writers hoping to broker the internet and almost everybody in-between. If you’re a business owner or even a freelance writer wanting to make the most of the platform and measure SEO results beyond the front door metrics of the basic front page, there are a range of plugins to suit your tastes. Some are great, some aren’t. Some are experimental, some aren’t. Some try and fail, some don’t even give it a go at all. Finding your way around the reviews and pages of plugins can be tiring, especially if you’re pressed for time or wish to write more than research. After all, a blogger has to blog, not worry about SEO. Remove some of the hassle now and consider these five plugins for cost savvy online commentators.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

Word wonders will revel in the functionality of Yoast, a widely lauded plugin dominating the SEO market share. And there’s a good reason for this supremacy. It’s heavy in SEO technical features, adding value to a ream of well-developed content, prompting the blogger to think strategically as they remove their creative hat. Yoast runs its technologically through your page, determining whether it’s overly lengthy or shockingly short; the former and you’ll lose readers, the latter and search engines will soon abandon your page as irrelevant. A fine line to walk for any writer. Additionally (and probably more importantly to die-hard SEO’s), Yoast comes with a snippet preview to help you optimise the best meta descriptions for your posts; alerts to let you know you should include keywords in meta tags, description and content body, alt tag checks and a few other goodies. You can download the plugin here here.

SEO Plugin by Squirrly

Squirrly has produced a small treasure under a grand title, targeting cool simplicity over a multitude of widgets. If you’re curious to see how often a particular keyword pops up on social media and public thread forums, we have the answer you want. Not only does it allow you to play social voyeur, it also comments while you develop content, suggesting converting keywords to boost rankings and visitor retention. Track improvements, progress and content reception through social metrics, and content analytics. You can get a copy of Squirrly here.

SEO Content Control

Imagine a technology that will scrub your content for weaknesses, regulating when your content is shown and the overall quality of the blog. Content Control is an additional dashboard, assisting users to manage the holes in their website and overhauls page ranking by decreasing poorly composed site structures and content until it can be fixed. Don’t be afraid to generate a summary identifying where you can improve content length, description quality and rankings; it’s easy to understand and action within the confines of WordPress. You can get a copy of the plugin here.

Of course, these three blogging technologies are complementary and may be used side by side; anybody, from big companies like OMD, to smaller, specialist SEO companies like Search Factory, routinely use plugins very similar to these on their own blogs. With customers like that, you can’t go wrong.

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