The Xperia Z versus Project’ music video

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Jun 9th, 2013

In its latest promotional campaign, Sony attempts to collaborate with Tim Nordwind and Drea Smith, the electro pop duo of the band PYYRAMIDS, Martien Mulder who is a dutch born photographer and Damian Kulash from OK Go, who is famous for spanning music,technology and film.

They take the group to the Artic circle in the Swedish Lapland and challenge them to create a music video inspired from the Northern Lights using the all new Sony Xperia Z, along with the wireless accessories and a tablet. From the outcome, you can see how they record the skies singing to them, capture brilliant pictures, lay down melodies, write lyrics and learn to figure out to use the devices to the best of their abilities, in order to share inspiration and ideas.

[youtube url="" width="560" height="350"]

With the cymbals and drums crashing against the stark background, we see stunning aurora lights swirling through the sky accompanied with an absolutely amazing soundtrack. The musicians use traditional instruments such as Nyckelharpa among the others, to create music and share their experience with the cutting edge technology of the Xperia Z, most notably the ‘One-touch’ function and other inbuilt collaborative tools.

The best part about these videos is the fact that we are let into the candid moments of the making of the final song and visuals, which gives a valuable insight into the features of the Xperia Z. For starters we are introduced to an extraordinary sound quality as we see Drea Smith recording vocals and guitar on the phone itself, without making use of any other high technology microphones and the like. The second thing that strikes, is the picture clarity throughout the video. The ease with which the filming, recording and editing is being carried out, highlights just another one of the incredible capabilities of the phone.

[youtube url="" width="560" height="350"]

The longer you watch this video, the more you come to realize how powerful it actually is. A few minutes in, when you get to see the reflective surfaces in the ice and the snow capped scenery passing by in bright sunlight, one can easily want to forget the upcoming summers and begin rooting for winters to be back.Moreover, in comparison to the other advertising endeavors, which talk at length on how a particular product can be easily adapted in your life, Sony takes the whole deal a few notches higher, by letting you see, what the phone is really capable of achieving.

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