Man has surgically implanted headphones inside his ears

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Jul 18th, 2013

Rich Lee doesn’t listen to music like the rest of us instead he surgically implanted headphones inside his ears. Unbelievable I know however after he was inspired by a tutorial created by Indestructables which involves using a magnets alongside a coil necklace and an attached amplifier Rich thought he would take things one step further.

Rich, who is 34 years old, physically implanted the headphone inside his actual ear.

The procedure itself was carried out by Steve Haworth and apparently went really well with no real issues with pain on Rich’s part. People like Rich who get surgical enhancements made to their bodies like this are known as “Grinders”.

The way he has things set up is that he has the magnet sitting on the outside of his Tragus, which is the part of the ear that projects immediately in front of the ear canal, these magnets act as speakers and the coil which is placed around Lees neck acts as the transmitter sending signals towards the magnets.

The closer the coils are to the implant the louder the sound becomes, also moving the implant closer to the ear drum via pressing on the Tragus will increase the sound level too.

The implants themselves are undetectable to the naked eye and he currently has a very tiny scare on the outer Tragus which can be spotted by another person. The coil necklace can be concealed underneath any item of clothing so Rich doesn’t need to worry about any questions relating to this.

Rich is thinking about adding more magnets wherever he can to the outer of his ears to enhance the effects and next on the horizon for him could be Bluetooth. In the meantime though he does have some ideas of how to get the most out what he has just had installed such as GPS via his smartphone to help navigate the streets on foot.

Until then the only thing he needs to worry about is if any hackers will be able to get inside his head… Watch the video below and you’ll see what I mean


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