Enhance Your Immersive Experience With Latest Gaming Accessories

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Jun 19th, 2013

The future of gaming is heading towards a strong future and from what is witnessed at the latest E3 2013 conference, any gamer will easily understand the fact that gaming accessories will become an integral part of authentic experience. In this modern era, you can hardly enjoy your game without investing in more sophisticated add-ons like the Kinect, Playstation Eye or an extra game controller for your Xbox 360. But, things are moving towards a much faster pace. Apart from these sophisticated gaming accessories, there are always the basic protective covers, wraps, wrist straps, traveling bags and many essential items. When you buy them from a single reliable retailer, the chances of getting better discounts and being able to shop with ease is high without a doubt.

XBOX One Kinect

Even though, Microsoft will sell the accessory Kinect as a mandatory part of their upcoming next gen console, the fact that the new sensor is really powerful than its older brother should be taken into account. It can scan players with 1080 resolution and is capable of detecting six players at once when you stand together in the living room. Such futuristic technology will definitely impress gamers to the core. Among other gaming accessories, Kinect is more prominent because it now comes with gesture and voice support. In the upcoming title Ryse, you can defend attacks by simply lifting your controller towards your face while zombies will listen to your voice if you speak too loud!

Occulus Rift

One of the most innovative products found in the industry. The Occulus Rift has already impressed industry giants and even though, they may not admit virtual reality is the future it is definitely moving towards the same. All you need to do is combine your conventional gaming accessories like your controller or a plugged in gaming gun with a circular treadmill while the Occulus Rift will simulate the actual game world right before your eyes. The new edition of this tech is much more powerful and renders image in 1080p resolution which is highly realistic besides being engaging emotionally.

Nvidia Shield

Handheld gaming has seen drastic changes ever since tablets became an integral part of life. You no longer have to drag your huge PC or a smaller console around because the Nvidia Shield is a handheld console capable of streaming live games right from your computer. Even though, it is a console by itself, you should consider enhancing the experience with gaming accessories like extra controller, HDMI cable, storage pouch, extra batteries and relevant items to keep gaming without a break.

PS4 Eye

Playstation 4 will also have its PS Eye as an optional accessory that you can purchase to have a Kinect like experience. Gaming prices, detailed specs of the upcoming technology in the industry is already detailed which promises an exciting adventure for everyone onboard. Make your invest with consoles, gaming accessories, add-ons and games to enjoy it completely to the core. Everything you do, every enemy you shoot and all your moves in an RPG game is determined by using the right accessory that gives you the winning edge. Get all you need from one spot and indulge in awesome gaming forever.

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