Best Android Apps for Improving Work Productivity

By admin
Jan 25th, 2013

In this fast moving society, the ability to work on the go is held by most career driven employees. The increased abilities of mobile phones make working on the go easy.  To improve work productivity, you need the right apps that allow you to work on the go but also connect with fellow co-workers. There are many apps available which makes narrowing down the field a challenge. Technology changes at a rapid rate so it’s challenging to know what apps are going to remain current and what is going to go out of date quickly.  You need apps that are going to remain useful to you and your workplace. Software for mobile devices usually does have fewer features than the equivalent desktop software. This is unavoidable with the smaller screen space.  This however does not limit you from getting work completed on the go.  The following article lists three phone applications for android that will help with improving productivity inside and outside the work environment.

Kingsoft Office

This app is FREE. It includes a word processor and spread sheet which has been compared favourably to Google Docs. Getting used to how to navigate through the document layout may take some time to comprehend.  It’s one of the best mobile offices.

Catch Notes

This device supports both voice and text notes and is a collaboration tool. It’s a simple and effective tool for taking quick notes.  It’s got you covered when you are too busy to type your notes down.

GO Contacts

This is a must have for keeping your contacts in check. It has a backup and recovery system, just to be cautious. This phone book has a fast search and merging of entries.  This is not to be missed; you never have to worry about losing a single contact.

Fill and Sign PDF Forms

This app is beyond useful. The name pretty much explains its use, it allows you to complete forms in a PDF format and also sign the document.  This means you can fix up contracts on the go. You can finish that pending business deal on your way to another meeting.

Open Office Document Reader

This is a basic necessity. This app has been recommended specifically for people that are familiar with Libre Office and Apache Open Office. It allows you to read any format of document.

Presentation Pal

This allows your mobile phone device to play your presentations directly.  It can also control the projector but always do a test run first as some people have complained about it malfunctioning. It’s still a worthwhile app to try.


Written by Jasmine Pool
Jasmine runs a business consultancy firm. She specialises in finding cost-cutting measures for small businesses without compromising on productivity. From using free cloud storage services to sending event invitations online, she reckons cost saving is the fundamental to any small business’s success.


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