A Guide To The Best iOS Apps For Networking

By admin
Jan 23rd, 2013

Traditional networking involves attending networking events, lunches and organised meetings.  As we delve deeper into the digital world however, the internet is increasingly re-shaping this networking structure, so that people in business can make contacts online.  iOS devices are increasingly facilitating this process as (e.g. over 100 million iPads) have been sold in just under three years.)  Although nothing will replace the value of meeting someone face-to-face, there are many iOS applications for iOS devices that can help improve this process and make it easier.  Here is our guide to the best iOS apps for business networking.


The most obvious app is the LinkedIn app.  It is unrivalled as the most popular business networking app and has over 60 million users around the globe.  LinkedIn gives you instant access to relevant business contacts and groups, related to your field of work.

LinkedIn facilitates many activities: looking for a new job, potential new job candidates, connecting you to colleagues who work in the same field, or who work in the same organisation in another part of the world, or simply finding people with shared business interests.  You can expand your business network instantly with this great app.


One of the most unique and innovative apps I have found whilst researching this article is the ‘Bump’ app.  This app does what is says on the tin.  It replaces the traditional ritual of exchanging business cards with simply “bumping” your phone with your new acquaintance.  This process automatically shares contact information and even photos.

It works via the vibration, which identifies if both users are signed into either Facebook or LinkedIn, and the list of contacts will be automatically shared to their address books.


AngelList is the online version of the TV show Dragons Den.  It introduces new businesses seeking funding, to experienced entrepreneurs looking for new investments.

AngeList enables users to collate a new-business pitch, which it then forwards to potential investors.  Alternatively, it lets users request online meetings with potential investors (or vica versa).  It also lets investors ‘follow’ other investors to view their activity, and if they see a proposal that they too are interested in, they can notify the prospect of this.


So now you have the contact, the proposal and you are ready to meet your business associate in person.  Where should you take them?  MeetMe is a simple venue finding app, which will identify potential meeting places based on the criteria that you input.  You tell the app both yours and your colleague’s locations, and it will find a location and venue in the middle of you both. It’s up to you how much you want to impress and therefore the venue that you choose.


Confused?   Do you use several apps including Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn for your business networking?  Hootsuite can simplify this process.  It helps you to manage multiple social networks via one place.  It supports every social networking site you could imagine: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Myspace, WordPress and Mixi.

This app also enables you to schedule messages and Tweets in advance, and even customise them to the design/tone preferred by your client.  It also enables you to track brand mentions and analyse your bespoke social media traffic.  This is a great networking app which streamlines processes and enables you analyse all activity.

These apps are the best apps available for iOS devices, which facilitate the process of business networking.  As well as offering a variety of features and benefits, they make the overall process much simpler and more efficient.  They will never fully replace the benefits gained from meeting a contact face-to-face, but at least you can now have some fun when doing so, exchanging contacts via ‘Bump,’ or fine dining at a restaurant recommended by MeetMe.
Ollie is a technology expert from England. He writes For www.cts-networks.co.uk

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