5 Must Have Mobile Apps For Managing Your Business Meetings

By admin
Jan 31st, 2013

Business meetings can be managed easily with mobile apps. Mobile apps are compatible with smartphones, tablets, or laptops. Review mobile apps to organize meetings and lead a productive business life. Here are a few examples of business meeting apps:

GoToMeeting iPad App

GoToMeeting is recommended for managing online meetings. The application is free to download. Instantly, a meeting can be joined on iPad by clicking a link sent in an invitation email. Other documents may be shared via this application. Reports, slide presentations, and spreadsheets are commonly shared. This application is useful in business environments when people need to view the same items on a screen across multiple devices.

Meeting Minute Manager iPhone and iPod Touch App

Prepare minutes by using the Minute Manager. With this application, business people can prepare minutes that can later be managed, stored and emailed to various recipients. The recipients who attended the meeting will receive an overview and reminder of the meeting’s discussions. People who did not attend the meeting will have a better idea of what transpired during the meeting.

Meeting Manager Pro iPad App

This application will connect numerous iPads together via an Internet connection or online server. Projecting documents on the screens of other iPads is easier with Meeting Manager. Participants of meetings can interact with other participants during meetings. Meeting Manager also allows users to create surveys, vote on issues during the meeting, and share documents. Feedback can be given in real time. This is effective for people who can make immediate changes to yield desired results. This application helps to brings the concept of meetings into the twenty-first century.

Action Item iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad App

Action Item enables business people to take notes in business meetings. As action items are received, they can be recorded and assigned as tasks. Tasks are not easily forgotten with reminders. Not only can meeting notes and action items be recorded, but attendees can also be recorded. Meeting notes are emailed, and the attendee list is distributed with Action Item.

Eventbrite Easy Entry

Eventbrite Easy Entry offers digital registration at events. This method of registration is useful because the digital record can be used for email marketing lists to keep customers updated after a new product release or a promotional deal. The application also allows users to review orders, and the payment total and method are included in the application. Eventbrite Easy Entry is user-friendly and more reliable than other methods.

Try These Must-Have Mobile Apps to Manage Business Meetings

Mobile apps make managing business meetings easier. The highlights of business meetings can be captured with these tools. Add one or more applications to your mobile device to improve its functionality. Most business people have several applications running simultaneously on mobile devices. With these devices, you can run your business from virtual office space wherever you’re located around the globe.

Written by Beth Gadd

Beth runs a small business in IT related field. She operates at home while also has her virtual serviced offices set up recently.

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